A wooden dog house in the backyard is iconic and a tradition for many dog lovers to own, but here comes a stylish indoor dog house by Sauder. It is made from pine wood, and features all the cool little bits and gadgets you could need for your furry friend.

༻❁༺ ❤️ ༻❁༺ Savannah Dog House | Porch Provides Shelter from Outdoor Elements Rot and Pest Resistant Solid Fir Wood Construction Sealed with Weather-Resistant Coating Raised Floor Keeps Pets Dry Waterproof Leg Protectors Adjustable Feet for Uneven Surfaces Asphalt Shingle Roof Two Windows Allow for Maximum Ventilation ༻❁༺ ❤️ ༻❁༺

Combine a sushi bar favorite (the spicy tuna roll) and a state fair staple (the corn dog), and you have this crazy mashup, the spicy tuna roll corn dog. While it may sound like a nibble thats out of left field, consider the tempura sushi roll; this is essentially its Americanized cousin. Watch the video to see the tricks to getting the Japanese-inflected batter just right and its outer shell piping hot while keeping the sushi center raw.

All dogs do go to heaven – Reminds me of when dads dog Bema died. Celeste I were at mums cousins house Jane. Watching the movie Flicka and it was sad i think I cried then looked outside and thought I saw Bemas cloud barking like that one!