Miniature Schnauzer Bred in Germany, miniature schnauzers are among the smartest and most cheerful of all the small dogs. According to Kellner, they are also very outgoing and protective, which makes them excellent companions for children. And when you consider how easy and enjoyable it is to train dogs of this breed, its no surprise that they made our list. Another great quality of miniature schnauzers is that theyre equally happy in the expanse of the countryside….

How To Train A Dog To Fetch: Quick and Easy-To-Follow Video Guide. You may think that learning how to train a dog to fetch is simple and won’t take much effort. Most people think that dogs are naturally inclined to fetch and that it doesn’t take much effort to teach them the game. #dogs #youtube #video #howto #topdogtips #fetch #training #dog #train #easy #tips #advice #game

Dog fanciers developed standards of perfection for breeds, and subdivided types of dogs into more and more separate breeds. The vast majority of pit bull breeders fought to keep their dogs away from the show ring, and succeeded for several decades. Then, like now, breeder of true performance dogs knew that the show ring spelled ruination for their animals. It wasnt until the 1930s that a very small group of individuals made an attempt to bring the pit bull into the show dog world.